What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a complementary medicine, aiming to manage chronic disease and reach optimal health through identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an individual’s symptoms, based upon the latest scientific research.

Registered Nutritional Therapists, such as myself, use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances, including functional testing, to help identify the root cause of disease and restore full-body balance.

A nutritional therapist would recommend a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan which includes appropriate foods, nutrients, supplements and lifestyle advice. Each recommendation is evidence-based following the latest scientific research in the field.


My Services


Good nutrition is important in maintaining optimal health, nutrition focuses on how diseases, conditions, and problems can be prevented or reduced following a healthy diet. Through one-to-one or group consultations, I help clients in all areas of general health and wellbeing. Below are my three areas of expertise.


Gut Health

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” - Hippocrates.


Over 70% of the immune system is located in the gut. Compromised gut function can lead to the development of a number of autoimmune conditions. It can also impair the body’s natural detoxification pathways and contribute to chronic disease.


More and more clinical research is available to prove the direct connection between the gut and the brain. Ensuring optimal gut function and microbiome balance is crucial for both the health of body and mind.


Thyroid Health

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. Ensuring optimal thyroid function is essential for life, growth and development. The thyroid gland affects every cell, tissue, organ and organ system in the body and plays a vital role in the regulation of body metabolism.


Thyroid imbalances can have far-reaching effects on the body. Thyroid function can be impaired by various factors such as toxicity, high stress levels, nutritional deficiencies, compromised gut function, food intolerances, viral infections and more.


It’s important to understand the root cause of thyroid imbalance to restore thyroid function. Nutritional therapy can help address the root cause and support optimal thyroid health.


Weight Management

Weight gain is not always due to overeating. It’s important to use a personalised approach for each individual to understand how their body is functioning. The key to maintaining healthy weight is to build and establish healthy long-term habits.

Weight gain might be due to many factors such as poor sleep hygiene, high stress levels, micronutrient deficiencies, alterations to the gut microbiome or genetic factors. It’s important to work with a nutrition professional to understand and address the root cause following a personalised protocol.